Although she is best known as a lawyer and social activist, she has also always felt an enormous fascination for everything related to physical beauty and body care, and is up to date with new practices and technological innovations for skin care, nails and , especially, hair.

Andreina Rojas

For her, it's not just about looking good, but about feeling healthy, and with this in mind she decided to create Deuxime, a brand dedicated to hair care that offers two unique products where science and nature come together to achieve noticeable and lasting results: a Sunscreen and a primer for after washing, made from plants and fruits, will add shine and strength to the hair to revitalize it and prevent its loss.


Andreina Rojas estuvo involucrada en todo el proceso de creación de ambos, desde la supervisión del desarrollo hasta la dirección creativa para asegurar que cada paso se llevara a cabo a la perfección y los productos alcanzaran la calidad esperada.

Deuxime's concern for repairing hair damage is accompanied by the intention of causing a positive impact on the self-esteem of its consumers because it is a brand aware that external changes always influence the interior and the perception of themselves.